Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Week in Randomness

An interesting week here at Team Karaczewski. Began in a trough with:

The Awards for Disappointments of the Week

Gold: Revising a chapter of my novel as a matter of honor (I am a cat who left a dead mouse gift on someone's doorstop, who stepped upon it with bare feet and swept it and me off the porch)

Silver: The green chili and potato burrito from Trader Joe's (when I was in Bellingham, WA for my last college roommate's wedding, he took me to a Mexican food restaurant whose specialty was a potato burrito - was intrigued enough to try: wonderful, slices of potato fried in a unique batter, plenty of self-serve green salsa; too many marinated carrots on the side - coins of vinegary fire setting my sinuses to rinse. TJ's potatoes were mashed up with green chilies and jack cheese; bland, paling.)

Bronze: The continued isolation and terrible silences of the writer's life.

But has begun to rise with Thursday morning's email request from a prospective agent to read the "first 150 pages or so" of Alexander Murphy's Home for Wayward Celebrities. Just to know that some of it is being read has sent me up a crest heady enough to bodysurf.

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Anonymous said...

Its about time we got an update. Sorry the burritos weren't up to par, but good news about the agent.